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Where Do You Find Salvage Trucks For Sale?

How Do Car Dealers Get Great Prices on Salvage Trucks?

Ever wonder where used car dealers, wholesalers find all those used trucks they advertise? How about those neat looking trucks with salvage titles? Insurance companies, fleets and dealerships put up hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks at these auctions. They are usually limited to dealers and wholesalers. However, through brokers it is now possible for the general public to bid on these vehicles. You can find salvage and used trucks at prices that dealers and other licensed auto retailers pay.

Before, only licensed dealers or dismantlers were able to buy salvage vehicles. Today, individuals in many states, thanks to sites like, can buy salvage trucks at sites like Copart. The site has instructions on registering to buy salvage trucks at auctions, there are even video tutorials you can watch.  

What To Look For In A Salvage Truck?

Find the salvage truck’s history by ordering the VIN number. It will tell you what major damages and repairs the salvage car has had. Directly inspect the vehicle if you can. There are mobile mechanics who will go out to the auction site and inspect the car with you. Or if you are bidding on a car in another location, you can have them inspect the car there and report to you.  A mechanic on site will tell you how extensive the damage is, and check on other parts of the truck that may have damage not apparent in pictures.

Budget Your Salvage Truck Rebuild

Have you done your due diligence?  Then budget appropriately. Set a ceiling for what you expect to pay for the vehicle (including inspection, auction price, auction fees, and transportation) plus the maximum amount you will spend on repairing the vehicle.

Now that you have set up your budget, you are ready to join the auctions. Bid away!