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1953 Chevy with S-10 Chassis

Should I Buy a Salvage Pickup Truck as a Parts Truck?

Ford Classic Pickup

You have a project truck: either a recent model truck, a classic truck you want to restore or a vintage pickup you want to restore and remodel. You find yourself with a large wishlist of parts. That might include major components like engine, interior and frame. Want to make a big dent? Then buy a salvage pickup truck as a parts truck. That way you have parts you can use now – and some you might need in the future. read more

Salvage Trucks with Mechanical Issues

salvage trucks with mechanical issues

When thinking about buying repairable salvage trucks it is important to consider why they were given a salvage title. Usually, when people think of repairable salvage trucks they assume the truck has been involved in some sort of wreck. If not a wreck, it suffered some other sort of damage to the exterior. The truth is, salvage trucks with mechanical issues get salvage titles for many reasons. Some may even have a completely undamaged exterior.  read more

Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Sale

heavy duty truck parts

When looking for heavy duty truck parts, did you know that you can find them at salvage truck auctions online?

Heavy duty trucks that are totaled usually end up with the insurance company. The insurance companies then partner with companies like or a registered Copart broker to sell these vehicles via auction. These auctions are accessible online. These auctions usually have different types of vehicles for sale. Some of these vehicles will have clean titles and some will have salvage titles. You can repair some heavy duty trucks with salvage titles but some are not repairable. These trucks although non-repairable can still be of tremendous value to some people. Especially in the case of people who are looking for spare parts.  read more

Heavy Duty Truck Salvage Auctions

heavy duty truck salvage

Heavy Duty Truck Salvage Auctions

Heavy duty truck salvage auctions are one of the best ways to find salvage heavy duty trucks for sale. These auctions are a great way for you to find the truck you need and save money. Many people use salvage truck auctions to find trucks for work. Even a damaged vehicle can still perform the job you need in many cases.  read more

The Benefits of Purchasing a Salvage Truck

salvage trucks for sale

Forget everything you think you know about purchasing a vehicle from a salvage auction website! or many people, the mere mention of the word “salvage” brings an idea of broken down trucks with rusted out bodies, but the truth is that Salvage Trucks Auction is the perfect place to get an inexpensive and great running truck!

Gas or Diesel?

Auctions trucks gas vs deselGasoline and diesel engines have been duking it out for more than 100 years. Fans of both say they have the better engine. Is one group correct or do they both have their benefits. We are going to examine the facts to deduce who has the better method of fueling up their salvage truck. Let’s see how they stack up.

Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

Winter is a beautiful time of year. However, it can be quite a challenge driving in winter weather even if you are driving a truck. There are some useful tips though, that will help you stay safe on the roads during winter, and the top ones are listed below. We hope that these tips help you and your family stay safe through the icy weather.

Need a Farm Vehicle? Consider Purchasing a Salvage Truck

Life on the farm is tough for both man and machine. There are loads to haul and rutted dirt roads to negotiate. Mud and muck gets tracked into a farm truck and cakes its sides and bed. If you’re like most other farmers and ranchers, you probably aren’t interested in purchasing a brand-new vehicle to use as your farm truck, especially since it is bound to get dinged up within its first week on the job.

How to Transform a Salvage Truck into an Award Winner

classic trucks for saleClassic show trucks are considered well-built and timeless in design but can be both time consuming and costly if you don’t know where to start. For those interested in creating an award-winning show truck at a reasonable cost, consider browsing through Learn more about the best ways to create your own stunning show vehicle from cheap trucks for sale.