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Heavy Duty Truck Parts for Sale

heavy duty truck parts

When looking for heavy duty truck parts, did you know that you can find them at salvage truck auctions online? Heavy duty trucks that are totaled usually end up with the insurance company. The insurance companies then partner with companies like or a registered Copart broker to sell these vehicles via auction. These auctions are accessible online. These auctions usually have different types of vehicles for sale. Some of these vehicles will have clean titles and some will have salvage titles. You can repair some heavy duty trucks with salvage titles but some are not repairable. These trucks although non-repairable can still be of tremendous value to some people. Especially in the case of people who are looking for spare parts. Although the truck was considered a total loss there still may be valuable parts included. Let’s look at an example of how this could occur.

Why Does This Truck Have a Salvage Title?

Flood Damaged Heavy Duty Truck

A flooded truck will have a maximum high water line. That line will show exactly how deep the truck was in the flood waters. Typically, a flood is enough of a reason for a heavy duty truck to be considered a total loss. While most of the parts below that flood line may have been damaged, there is a chance that everything above that line is still in perfect condition. People buy these trucks to remove their parts for either repairing another vehicle or selling the parts on their own. If the truck is in the position to be repaired, you could swap out the flooded and damaged parts with some working parts and have a truck for work at a fraction of what it would cost normally. 

Truck Was in an Accident

Another reason a truck may have been given a salvage title is damage from an accident. Damage on one area of the truck may be enough for the truck to be totaled. But if a truck is totaled from damage on one side, that means there are other sides that are undamaged. Again, these would be the area of the truck where the parts would be able to be salvaged and used for either repairs or to resell. 

Truck Suffered Hail Damage

Sometimes hail damage can be enough to total a truck. This is another example of  a truck being totaled but still having valuable parts. Usually when a truck is totaled from hail it is from damage to the body of the truck. Most times you will find valuable and working parts with a hail damaged salvage truck. These are all examples of salvage heavy duty trucks with working parts. These vehicles are the perfect trucks to buy if you are looking for parts. Make sure when you are searching for heavy duty salvage trucks for sale for parts that you know what kind of damage happened to the truck.