Salvage Trucks with Mechanical Issues

salvage trucks with mechanical issues

When thinking about buying repairable salvage trucks it is important to consider why they were given a salvage title. Usually, when people think of repairable salvage trucks they assume the truck has been involved in some sort of wreck. If not a wreck, it suffered some other sort of damage to the exterior. The truth is, salvage trucks with mechanical issues get salvage titles for many reasons. Some may even have a completely undamaged exterior. 

How Can a Salvage Truck Have an Undamaged Exterior?

  1. One of the most common reasons for this to happen is simply mechanical issues. When it comes to repairable salvage trucks with mechanical issues there are a million different scenarios. Fortunately, most cases have solutions. 
  2. Another reason you may find wrecked trucks for sale with an undamaged exterior is flooding. Now, flooding can lead to salvage trucks with mechanical issues as well. But overall, when a salvage truck has been in a flood there is a good chance the body will be intact.

What To Do With Salvage Trucks With Mechanical Issues?

The first thing you will want to do when considering purchasing any sort of damaged trucks for sale is to fully understand what kind of damage has occurred. Once you find the vehicle you want from an auction site like Salvage Trucks Auction, you will want to research its history. You will be able to find out what sort of damage the truck has here but I would also encourage you to take a trip to visit the vehicle in person. If you know what you are looking for you will be able to take a look and check for any additional problems. If you are not sure what to look for you will be able to bring, or send an inspector to the salvage truck to look it over for you. When dealing with salvage trucks with mechanical issues it is better to be on the safe side. 

When Examining a Salvage Truck with Mechanical Issues

What You Will Need to Fix Salvage Trucks with Mechanical Issues

  1. The knowledge and understanding of what is wrong with the truck, how it happened, and what it will take to fix it.
  2. Spare heavy duty truck parts. In many cases when it comes to repairable salvage trucks with mechanical issues there is a part or parts that have gone bad. If certain parts have gone bad or stopped working it could be as easy as swapping those parts out with identical working parts from another vehicle.

Using Parts from Salvage Trucks for Repairs

Work trucks can be considered a total loss when the engine goes bad. But imagine another truck that is the same model and was given a salvage title for completely unrelated reasons. Perhaps the other truck was involved in an accident that left the entire rear destroyed beyond repair. This wrecked truck may not be worth saving but chances are the engine is still in working condition.

If your wrecked truck needed this engine to get back on the road the other vehicle would be your perfect solution. It is not uncommon to take parts from two no longer working salvage title trucks and combine them into one that is. What’s even better about this is that even after purchasing two salvage title trucks to get one that is working with a repaired title, you would still be saving money compared to what the same truck costs new. 

Things to Consider When Attempting to Repair Salvage Truck with Mechanical Issues

  1. Money. Although you can save money on the overall cost of finding, buying, and repairing a salvage title truck, there will certainly be a sizable financial investment to get this project off the ground. From the vehicles themselves to the parts you will need to replace, it could get costly if you are not careful.
  2. Time. Taking a wrecked truck from a salvage truck auction and turning it into a working truck for everyday use will take time. It may be you spending the time or it may be a mechanic but chances are the restoration process won’t happen overnight. Of course, this process could be faster depending on the particular damage to the truck and the skill set of the person doing the repairs but you will need to be patient. You do not want to rush the process and have a truck that will not pass inspection.

In Conclusion

Finding and restoring repairable salvage trucks is not as difficult as it may seem. Each year repairing salvage trucks becomes more common. If you do your research and are careful then buying a repairable salvage truck could turn out to be a fantastic investment/business move. Whether you want to fix the truck up for personal use, to use for work, or to resell the vehicle at a profit, the options are endless. Mechanical issues are often an easy fix when you know the problem. I hope this post has been helpful. The goal was to answer any questions you may have had about buying salvage trucks with mechanical issues. If you have additional questions please let us know.