Why Should I Buy A Salvage Auction Work Truck?

Ford Transit, Running Salvage Auction
Ford Van Salvage Title Ready For Business

Starting A New Business, Need A Used Truck?

Are you starting a new venture or expanding your current business? You may be a mobile detailer, food truck operator, mover, roofer, food wholesale, pet groomer, landscaper, boat overhauler, carpet cleaner, or one of the many business owners who need this type of vehicle to operate.  Want to keep costs down? Buy a salvage auction work truck.

Insurance companies auction off vehicles they have written off, or sometimes they end up on the block due to business failures or repossession.  In the early days, only dealers or wholesalers had access to these special auctions at sites like Copart.com. Now, you can join broker sites, where you will be able to take part in bidding – or buying – damaged trucks.

What Advantage Is There If I Buy A  Salvage Auction Work Truck?

Honda Ridgeline Salvage Title At Auction

You will also find a large number of work trucks in operable condition, some might require work, others can only be used for parts.  The advantage of buying these vehicles is, first of all, the cost. We are talking about big discounts, even factoring in repair prices. You do need to check with your insurance carrier whether they will insure the vehicle with a rebuilt title.  Many insurers will issue liability policies, but not collision.

After you sign on to one of the salvage auction sites, start poking around and seeing what fits your needs. Do you need a pickup, a light truck, traditional van or one of the newer Ford Transit vans? It will depend on your business. Check and see what your peers and competitors drive. Ask a couple of them. Don’t want to stir up the competition? Run a Google search in another city and make a couple of phone calls. Also, read guides, like this Autobytel article about top work trucks.

Once you have narrowed down your search, make your budget and start searching on the websites for the model(s) of truck you want. Be careful and selective when choosing the trucks you will actually bid on. If you are prudent and patient, you will find yourself with a new work truck for a fraction of the cost!