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Buy A Salvage Truck To Rebuild

Salvage Title Toyota Tacoma Rebuildable
Salvage Title Tacoma

Looking for a used truck? You might bump into these ads for a “salvage title truck” at discounted prices and wonder what it is about. Well, they are vehicles the insurance company considers damaged to the point they have written them off. They look at the costs of repair, and if it is close enough to the blue book price, they will simply pay the value of the truck to the customer. Then they issue a “salvage title” which means it can’t be driven on the road until it is repaired and certified by state inspectors. Many times these rebuilt trucks will be sold as “rebuilt title” or “rebuilt salvage title” trucks at a pretty good discount. But, you never know what you are getting. What if you started with a salvage truck that was not rebuilt? Buy a salvage truck to rebuild yourself.

How A Salvage Truck Could Be A Good Deal

Pickup Perfect For a Rebuild

If a salvage rebuilt truck seems like a good deal, it can come with a host of problems. You don’t know exactly what condition the truck was after the wreck and the quality of the rebuild. But, you still have another alternative. You can save money by buying a salvage truck directly and doing and/or supervising the build yourself. That way, you are involved in the entire process and document what was done to the truck. And it is cheaper than the rebuilt title trucks.

Plan To Repair The Truck Correctly

Your objective is to find the salvage truck you like and fix it so it looks and works as good as a used truck from the same year and model. To do that, you need parts. The beauty of many truck models is how easy it is to find parts for them. If you want one of the most popular models from the past 20 years you should have no problems. Parts to fix and modify trucks are available from multiple sources. That includes large chains, new and used parts sellers, online auctions, specialized websites and individual wrecking yards. You can even buy a wrecked salvage truck to serve as a parts truck for your project truck.

Where Can You Find Auctions To Buy A Salvage Truck To Rebuild?

Salvage Title Rebuildable Toyota Tacoma
Tacoma On The Block

Finally, you decide to buy a salvage truck to rebuild. You want to go to the source. Insurance companies take their vehicles to large auction sites like Copart where hundreds of thousands of vehicles cross the auction block daily. While many of the auctions are limited to licensed auto dealers and wholesalers, you can register through auto auction brokers who will bid for you. That way, you can access the same auctions – and enjoy the same prices – that the pros in the car business get.

Once you register at a truck auction site, run a search and find a number of trucks you like. Then do your due diligence. First, run the VIN number through an online service. That way you can look up the complete history of the truck. Then, if you can, personally inspect the car. If you can’t, hire a remote inspector to do so. Always arrange for an inspection to make sure there aren’t hidden issues with the truck before you lay a dollar down. Go back to the auto parts’ sites and see how much parts are going to be. Once you are comfortably within your budget, start the bidding!! Good Luck!